Now you can amazingly reduce your latch hooking time with the "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook tool.

The old Latch-Hook process:
Step 1: looking at your design/graph to determine next color to use,
Step 2: selecting your single piece of pre-cut yarn color
Step 3: latch hook onto the canvas
Step 4: repeat steps (1-3) until done

Note: Depending on the complexity of your design and number of colors, you may experience different reductions in latch hooking time.

Our "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool solves the time consuming process of continually looking back at your design to determine the next single pre-cut yarn color to select.  Just think about it... if it takes about 4-6 seconds to repeat look at your design during this process, steps 1 and 2 would take you about a minute (60 seconds) to select 10 pieces of pre-cut yarn. 

The “Grab-N-Go” process:
Step 1: looking at your design/graph to determine next 10 colors to use for a row
Step 2: Load up your next available “Grab-N-Go” row with 10 pieces of pre-cut yarn
Step 3: Repeat steps (1-3) until the “Grab-N-Go” is fully loaded
Step 4: Latch hook onto the canvas (50 pieces) Note: without looking back at the design
Step 5: Repeat until design is complete

How much time can I save?

Using the “Grab-N-Go” Speed Latch-Hook Tool, you could load up the 1st row of 10 pieces of yarn in less than half the time saving you up to 30-40 seconds. Now multiply this by the number of 10-Piece rows for your project and you will get the idea on the time you will be saving on your project.  For example, you could save and estimated 7 to 10 hours on a project with a size of 30” x 36”.  With our tool you can save a lot of time and finish your Latch-Hook project much faster.   What could you do with 7-10 hours saved?!  Make another latch hook project!

But I lay my strands out when I latch hook.  Why would I choose this instead?

Some people have tried laying out their pre-cut pieces on the table or floor but they run the risk of mixing or losing pieces of yarn when it is time to start latch hooking.  Our "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool holds your pre-cut yarn safe and securely.  You will be able to stop and start latch hooking at any time without worry because the "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool will be in position to reference the next area on your canvas that needs to be latch hooked!

How many strands can the "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool hold?

The "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool is free standing and holds pre-cut yarn of 2" in length or longer.  The "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool allows you to load up multiple rows of pre-cut yarn based on the pattern you are using (up to 50 total pieces).  Once it is loaded up, you can now "Grab" a piece of yarn starting from the first row and then "Go" Latch-Hook the corresponding row on your canvas without looking back at your pattern design.  When you finish one row in the tool, just move to the next row and start Latch-Hook that next row on your canvas.  You will be amazed at the time you will save!  You will be able to complete more and more projects in a fraction of the time!

Based on your starting position, you will be able to systematically remove the yarn from each row in the "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool and Latch-Hook to the corresponding row on your canvas. 

After you have removed all the rows from the "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool, just load it back up with the next set of pre-cut yarn for your design.  We recommend that you have a second "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool pre-loaded to save you even more latch hooking time on your project.

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Material : Wood construction
Dimensions:  5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2"


Each "Grab-N-Go" Speed Latch-Hook Tool is only $16.95. 

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