Express yourself with our KnokOwtzTM apparel design.  We use a design method called the "Knock Out" method to layer two groups of text in such a way as to create a second glance when people try to read the underlying message.  It is a great conversational item!


 The OUTER text is the text that is cutout and the INNER text is the text inside

(Ex. The Brooklyn New York shirt above has the OUTER text as New York and the INNER text as Brooklyn)




When ordering, you specify the Outer Text (ex. MOUNTAINS) and the Inner Text (ex. Move)

(Pre-Shrunk cotton blend)


Other available apparel styles

 Long Sleeve T-Shirt (cotton  blend)

 (Multiple colors available)


Sweatshirt (cotton  blend)

(Multiple colors available)


Hoodie (cotton  blend)

(Multiple colors available)


We are currently only shipping in the USA

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