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Note: Adjustable strap may be different than displayed.

Our 3D printed mask provides an additional form of protection.  It uses a Filter that is designated to filter at the virus level.  When worn, it also is a reminder not to tough your face. I hope you find this helpful.

Includes 2 - Dual Layer Filters

(designed to filter at the virus level)

NOTE: Each Filter should be changed weekly or sooner if wet.

How-to replace filter

  • Remove the cap in front of the mask and remove filter
  • Disinfect mask and cap with rubbing alcohol and let dry
  • Fold new filter to correct shape for filter cap and insert into filter cap
  • Snap the cap back over the mask


 Assorted Colors (Blue or Black currently available)



  • PLA 3D printed mask (with adjustable strap)
  • Filter Cap
  • (2)- Two layer filter

How-to form fit mask to you face

If the mask does not fit comfortably, you can place warm water in a bowl and submerge the section of the mask that touches your face about 1" for a couple of seconds to soften the material and then place it on your face while warm to shape it comfortably.

Replacement Filters (5 Pack)

(At least 5 weeks of protection)

Price: $8.00


For over 7 Weeks of protection, order the mask and 5-pack replacement filters

Currently we are only shipping within the USA.

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